Dr. Guo practices family & cosmetic dentistry. Services in Grace Dental include:

Exam (check-up), consultation, x-ray taking with digital radiography system, teeth cleaning, fluoride application, sealants placement, oral hygiene instructions & patient education, etc.

Grace Dental is Family-oriented, you can bring your whole family in; Early child dental care is encouraged, as early as six months after having the first tooth in.

Fillings (with tooth-colored materials), crowns, etc.

Prosthesis (Missing teeth replacement)-fixed
Classic bridges, dental implant-supported crowns and bridges, etc.


Prosthesis (Missing teeth replacement)-removable
Implant-supported partial and full dentures, regular partial ("partials") and full dentures ("dentures"), flippers, etc.

Before Dentures

After Dentures

Diagnose and treat "gum disease" (gum disease and periodontal disease) by means of root scaling and planing ("deep cleaning"), local antibiotic agent application, gum surgery, etc.

Endondontics-"Root Canals"
Emergent tooth pain management; root canal therapy on anterior and posterior teeth.

To achieve confidential smile by means of teeth whitening ("bleaching"), tooth-colored restorations, tooth colored veneers, crowns and bridges, orthodontics ("braces") , and reconstruction of occlusions, etc.

Before Crowns

After Crowns

TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, "TMJ" disease)
Diagnose and treat Bruxism ("grinding" and clenching) , TMJ pain and discomfort and related oral facial pain by means of occlusal appliances (such as "night guard"), Physical therapy, behavior management, medication interventions, etc.