About the Doctors

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Grace Ying Guo, DMD MSD PhD

Dr. Guo was originally from China. She graduated from Dental School of West China University of Medical Sciences (WCUMS) with degrees of DMD (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) in 1984, MSD (Master of Science in Dentistry) in 1987, and PhD in 1991. She was a faculty in WCUMS Dental School, lecturing as well as researching and practicing dentistry.

Dr. Guo came to Seattle in 1994. She entered University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1998, and graduated with certificate of Oral Medicine in 2000. She practiced general dentistry in Everett for over seven years before acquiring the current dental practice. Since graduation, Dr. Guo has also committed in volunteering in Northwest Medical Teams dental mobile van to help those underprivileged in Great Seattle area, and being an affiliated faculty of UW Dental School teaching for several years.

Dr. Guo is married. She and her husband of 30 years are living in Shoreline with their two children. They speak both English and Chinese. They like singing, playing music, reading, sports and traveling, and meeting new friends with varied cultural background. They have been involved in local community services and would like to dedicate more; they feel very blessed to be able to pay back.

Dr. Guo believes that everyone is born equal; every life is precious; every person deserves respect; and every body should be treasured and cared well. She also believes that everyone is different and unique, that behind every tooth there is a person. As a modern dentist, Dr. Guo also believes that the health of teeth and mouth is closely related with one's general health; that a healthier mouth will give you a more confident smile and a higher quality of life.

Dr. Guo can be reached at (206)367-4281, or email at gracedentalseattle@gmail.com.